Pamela Santos

Graphic Designer and Writer

I am a recently graduated alumni from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a minor in Professional Writing in the Multimedia Communication track. I have taken a liking for graphic design and writing for eight years and decided to pursue careers where I can apply my skills centered around those areas. Aside from professional work, I enjoy exploring different food, television and film, and organizational work for the Filipino American community. My biggest goal in life is to discover a future in which my passions and skills can be used side by side.

Skills and Experiences

Every position I have experienced throughout my undergraduate career has been driven by the passion I have for my community as well as my desire to develop various skills including: graphic design, scriptwriting, photography, and website building.

My content will be showcased in the following section, but here I want to dive deeper into the positions I had that developed skills revolved around public speaking, event coordinating, and more.

I have served the Filipino-American community at UC Santa Barbara since my first year by joining and holding positions as Public Relations Officer and Co-Chair in Kapatirang Pilipino, the largest API-affiliated organization on campus.

In the organization itself, I have participated as the External Liaison for our high school outreach program (F.I.E.R.C.E.) and the Executive Chair for the Pilipino Graduation Committee.

These positions develop both interpersonal and organizational skills including:

  • Attention to detail
  • Transparency
  • Effective communication
  • Empathy
  • Public speaking
  • Event coordination
With these positions, I have learned how to provide a service for my community by organizing safe spaces for discussion and creativity centered around what it means to be Filipino American in a predominantly white institution. I strive for the visibility of my community, and I continue to do so even after undergrad.

Past Projects

For the past four years, I have had the luck to write, create graphics, and gain professional experiences. Please enjoy a few of my favorite projects:

Pilipino Cultural Night is an annual event hosted by UCSB's Kapatirang Pilipino showcasing the diverse cultures of the Philippines through storytelling, traditional dances performed with a live band, and modern dances. It is an opportunity for the Filipino American community to learn more about their history, identity, and struggle by centering the main narrative around Filipino and Filipino-American issues.

Having participated in four different PCN Productions, my involvement ranged from a general cast member, two-time Graphic Design Coordinator, and scriptwriting committee. These projects have been one of the most rewarding experiences because of the ability to combine my experiences in design and creative writing with my passion for my community.

UCSB's Department of Health & Wellness spreads awareness on the importance of living a well-balanced lifestyle by hosting undergradute and graduate programs, interactive workshops, and social media health campaigns throughout the academic year. The topics of these programs range from social health, relationship health, nutrition, sexual health, and more.

Holding the role of Graphic Designer for two years gave me the ability to expand my knowledge on marketing, visual aesthetics, and team work. I was able to develop and develop a stable brand for the department by maintaining design consistency.

Kaya Collaborative is an organization whose main drive is to connect Filipino-Americans to a wider, global Filipino community by assigning selected applicants to different organizations and companies in the Philippines for an internship. Kaya Co's core values include critical consciousness, creative empathy, and collective leadership which help shape each applicant's experience during their time in the motherland.

Along with a partner, I was assigned to Penshoppe, a brand designed by Golden ABC, a fashion company. As their associate, I conducted field research and analyzed customer patterns in order to create a marketing strategy centered around the question of how to increase customer engagement.